Valentine’s Day Makeup 2016

Valentine’s Day Makeup 2016 Hi guys! How are you ? I hope that you are very good as usual. I am so sorry for abandoning my blog for an entire month, but I am a student again, and January/February is dedicated to my exams. I aced them both so I am back to write about … More Valentine’s Day Makeup 2016


Naked 1 – Urban Decay Review

Naked 1 – Urban Decay Review Hi guys! How are you? How was your Christmas Eve? Did you eat like turkeys ? Well, I did, and now I have to figure out a way to stop eating like that! Anyway, did you receive lots of presents? Well, I’ve been very lucky, and I received many … More Naked 1 – Urban Decay Review


KIKO Velvet Mat – Satin Lipstick Review

KIKO Velvet Mat – Satin Lipstick Hi guys! How are you ? As I promised, here am I on this cloudy Monday morning to present you a new Review about Kiko Velvet Mat Satin Lipstick. I’ve got three of them: n° 604 “Bright Orange”, n°606 “Fire Red” and n°613 “Pink Carnation”. Anyway it comes in … More KIKO Velvet Mat – Satin Lipstick Review


Essence Longlasting lipstick Review

I would like to talk about a lipstick that I’ve always wanted to buy & try: the Longlasting Lipstick by Essence. … More Essence Longlasting lipstick Review


Vin brulé and chestnut

Vin brulé and chestnut – Let’s start with a moisturizing face cream with olive oil and sweet almond milk by Bottega Verde. Then I want to correct my imperfections … More Vin brulé and chestnut


The Amazing Spiderman make up !

  Hi guys!! How’s it going? A few hours ago I was inspired to create some makeup, and I tried to replicate one of Jangsara’s… She’s one of the most skillful makeup artist I’ve ever known!! She’s got talent, creativity, passion and imagination!! I love her work! Enjoy this look and….have a great day ! XOXO … More The Amazing Spiderman make up !


Acid green Make up !

Hi everyone! how’s it going?? You’re probably enjoying your holiday, while I’m still working on my thesis! I’m not even tanned! WTF! Anyway, today I’m wearing my acid green shirt, and outside my window I can see my neighbor’s trees, and they’re so brightly green…so beautiful…….INSPIRATION!! I decided to create this summer look with Acid … More Acid green Make up !


Purple and Gold Make up

There it is: a Purple and Gold Make up! I used: the Technokit Pupa palette (the fucsia one, with blueish purple, light purple, light pink and pearl yellow) a golden eyeshadow Black eyeliner Kiko Luxurious Lashes maxi brush mascara Advertisements


Autumn leaves Make up

Autumn leaves Make up

…a great friend of mine, Sara Saviozzi ( , gave me the idea of creating Seasons Make up, and so I started with Autumn ( don’t ask me why…it’s just a casual choice!)…
I used:
Kiko, brown eye pencil n°313
Kiko, golden eye pencil n°101
Kiko, duo eyeshadow n°101
Kiko, brownish eyeshadow n° 135
Kiko, Black Luxurious Lashes maxi brush mascara

..I hope you like it!

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The Joker inspired Make Up

The Joker inspired Make Up

All you need to create this wonderful and bright look is:
Kiko, purple eyeshadow n°43
Kiko, orange eyeshadow n°138
Kiko, green stick eyeshadow n°10
Kiko, Luxurious lashes maxi brush mascara (black)
Essence, eyeshadow base
a liquid black eyeliner
light blue eyeshadow (under the eyebrows)
and light shimmering green eyeshadow (for the inner corner)

….and here it comes: one of the craziest villain ever imagined, The Joker !!!
…just hope you like it!

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