Acid green Make up !

Hi everyone! how’s it going?? You’re probably enjoying your holiday, while I’m still working on my thesis! I’m not even tanned! WTF! Anyway, today I’m wearing my acid green shirt, and outside my window I can see my neighbor’s trees, and they’re so brightly green…so beautiful…….INSPIRATION!! I decided to create this summer look with Acid … More Acid green Make up !

Autumn leaves Make up

Autumn leaves Make up

…a great friend of mine, Sara Saviozzi ( , gave me the idea of creating Seasons Make up, and so I started with Autumn ( don’t ask me why…it’s just a casual choice!)…
I used:
Kiko, brown eye pencil n°313
Kiko, golden eye pencil n°101
Kiko, duo eyeshadow n°101
Kiko, brownish eyeshadow n° 135
Kiko, Black Luxurious Lashes maxi brush mascara

..I hope you like it!

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The Joker inspired Make Up

The Joker inspired Make Up

All you need to create this wonderful and bright look is:
Kiko, purple eyeshadow n°43
Kiko, orange eyeshadow n°138
Kiko, green stick eyeshadow n°10
Kiko, Luxurious lashes maxi brush mascara (black)
Essence, eyeshadow base
a liquid black eyeliner
light blue eyeshadow (under the eyebrows)
and light shimmering green eyeshadow (for the inner corner)

….and here it comes: one of the craziest villain ever imagined, The Joker !!!
…just hope you like it!

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