New Year 2016 Makeup

New Year 2016 Makeup

Happy New Year 2016

Hi guys !

How are you ? The count down until Christmas is almost over and I cannot wait anymore! I’m dying to open my presents and to see my loved ones open theirs. As I said on my Facebook page Otymakeup last week, I wanted to realize a New Year 2016 Makeup look, and so here it is.
Let’s begin with the face makeup, as always.


KIKO n° 138 – Essence Pencil

I applied my liquid foundation from Makeup Forever HD , without mixing it up with darker KIKO foundation, because I wanted a lighter and glacial look for this occasion, even due to the choice of the blush, which has been KIKO eyeshadow shocking orange n° 138, gently applied on my cheekbones to warm my skin up. I didn’t use any highlighter or bronzer to define my shadows and light points, because I didn’t want to steal the light from the eyes and the rest of the face. Then I covered my imperfections (on my chin) and my dark circles (they are a curse, believe me!) with KIKO liquid concealer n°03. And the
face makeup is over!


Sephora 190 Colours Palette

For this makeup I used my Sephora 190 colours palette, and I started applying this sparkling super dusty light acid green in my inner corner. If you want a lighter finish I suggest you use it dry; I wanted a very strong effect and I used it wet. I draw a line along my lashes and I blended it from my inner corner to my eyebrows (be careful not to go too close).

KIKO n° 20

Then I took a dark taupe brown eyeshadow and I applied it on my eyelid and then I blended it with some black eyeshadow into my crease, being careful to remain at the outer corner of my eye. After that I applied KIKO eyeshadow n°20 in the center of my eyelid. Then I took a metallic golden eyeshadow (not from Sephora palette) and I used it wet to draw a line along my lashes from the half of my eyelid to the outer corner in order to define my look. I used an opaque butter white just under my eyebrows, from Sephora palette.

Metallic Golden eyeshadow

Then I applied Essence white pencil in my lower water line. Eventually I used two KIKO black mascara: one to intensify my lashes and the other one to lengthen them. And the eye makeup is over!



I was not sure whether to use a nude, a dark, a bright warm, or 90s cold colour, so I decided to use them all ! So here they are, my four looks, same eyes, different lipsticks, everyone of them from Sephora palette! Which one would you choose ?

1) the nude one, to leave all the attention to the eyes;

2) the dark one, #daretowear look is great;

3)  the 90s cold one, for a classier look;

4) the bright warm one, to match it with the blush

And that’s it for now!

I am not sure if I will be able to post a new look next week, ’cause it will be 24th December, but I will wish you a #Merry Xmas for sure!
I hope you guys enjoyed this look, let me know what you think and…see you next time!  Happy New Year 2016! #newyear2016

Kiss & Hugs



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