KIKO Velvet Mat – Satin Lipstick Review

KIKO Velvet Mat – Satin Lipstick

KIKO Velvet Mat  Satin Lipstick n° 604, 606, 613

Hi guys!
How are you ? As I promised, here am I on this cloudy Monday morning to present you a new Review about Kiko Velvet Mat Satin Lipstick. I’ve got three of them: n° 604 “Bright Orange”, n°606 “Fire Red” and n°613 “Pink Carnation”. Anyway it comes in 15 different shades, and you can see them on KIKO website.

Velvet Orange
KIKO n° 604 “Bright Orange”


The packaging is very cool, outside is blush pink, and the actual part where the lipstick is in golden! It looks expensive but it costs 6,90 Euro. If you want to open it you just have to push a little dent on the top to pop it down and voilà..the lipstick’s out. When you want to close it you have to be sure to hear the click, otherwise it will remain open. The KIKO label is engraved on the lipstick, and I think that’s very classy.

Velvet Pink
KIKO n° 613 “Pink Carnation”


These lipsticks are very pigmented and one layer is often enough for a nice look. The Pink one is the less pigmented, and you need to apply it generously on your lips for a perfect finish. The Orange and the Red ones are great even after one layer, which is good, because you don’t have to waiste a lot of product to get the intensity you desire. It doesn’t dry your lips up too much, which is great for a mat lipstick: lots of girls or women don’t like mat lipsticks, because they show the cracks of their lips and it doesn’t give an healthy look, not to mention it’s uncomfortable to wear. If you want to add another product on this one, (maybe to give a little sparkle on your lips), you don’t have to worry: once this lipstick is dry, there’s no way it could mix up with another one.

Velvet Red
KIKO n° 604 “Fire Red”


It is so longlasting, even because Mat lipsticks tend to be more longlasting then others like sheer lipsticks, or balms or Chap Sticks. It stays on your lips very well, still pigmented after 3 or 4 hours without eating or smoking, otherwise you have to re-apply it. I’m very happy about their lasting.




Name: KIKO Velvet Mat Satin Lipstick, n° 604, 606, 613
Price: 6,90 Euro
Quantity: 3,5 g
Expiration: 18 months


  • I would have liked different darker colours as well


Of course it depends on the shade:

  • Bright Orange is perfect for a Summer night out, tanned skin, highlighter on your cheekbones and electric blue liner and mascara: #daretowear !
  • Fire Red is pure elegancy and it brings out the confidence and the womanliness. It ideal for a night look, every period of the year, and since we are on 14th December, it’s great for a  #Christmas look like this
  • Pink Carnation is a cold shade of pink, but with a right cold blush and black and grey #smokeyeyes, my advice is three words: whenever you want !

So, my final vote for this product is


I really hope you guys enjoyed my review, see you next Monday with another Review ! #beyourself

Kiss & Hugs






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